Why did i develop the Aches & Pains Oil?

As a small business i think it is important for people to understand what my products are about and why i have developed them.


I originally made the Aches and Pains Oil for my parents who both suffer with Arthritis. My dad had asked me if I could make something to help as he was taking Codeine and other pain medication which made him feel tired and sluggish and didn’t take the edge of the Arthritic pain.


After much research I made an oil and for both of them the results were amazing – within 10-15 minutes of applying it they both got complete relief. They now use it twice a day and are pain free and no longer taking Codeine. They are also getting a better nights sleep.


Following this I sent samples of the oil to a number of people who had different complaints including Sciatica, Knee, Elbow, Shoulder and Back problems and to people who also suffered with Arthritis. The feedback was very positive.


I launched the Aches and Pains Oil at the beginning of July and have now sold over 800 bottles, predominantly from recommendation and word of mouth. For the majority of people the oil has worked well and has improved their quality of life by helping them manage their pain.


I cannot promise the oil will work for everyone or make any claims about it being a miracle oil but i thought by sharing the story behind it people can make an informed decision about whether to try it. 


Warming and Soothing, Relieve Me Aches and Pains Oil is made from 100% Natural Ingredients with a sweet almond oil base and a blend of essential oils including Myrrh and Frankincense which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.


I have since developed an extra strength Aches and Pains Oil which is three times the strength of our standard oil and can be used short term to target acute/severe pain. The feedback again has been overwhelming!


I hope the oil will continue to bring many people some relief.

Thanks for reading this and please feel to contact me if you have any questions.




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