Meet the Team

I'm Clare, owner and founder of Me England. After working for years in a stressful sales job i was made redundant and decided i would like to start my own business. As a single mum, living a hectic and stressful life, sometimes wondering when i would have time to just breathe,  i often turned to essential oils and aromatherapy to help with my general mood and wellbeing. I love everything about essential oils and love experimenting with different blends so it made sense to turn my passion in to my reality. I recently completed qualifications in Holistic Skincare, Advanced Aromatherapy and Homeopathy and started developing my product range. I'm so excited to have come this far and look forward to seeing where the journey takes me! I love having my family on board, we make a great team and they share my passion 🖤

I'm Lauren, Clare's daughter, and i take care of the social media and marketing side of Me England. I spend a lot of my time on social media so i was over the moon when my mum asked me to help her with the business. I also work for the NHS as a Patient Pathway Coordinator so life is pretty busy right now! I love the products we sell and am now a self confessed addict!  I regularly use the wax melts and roller balls to help  me unwind or give me the boost i need to kick start my busy days. Our house always smells amazing!  I'm really proud of my mum for following her dream and so happy to be part of this exciting adventure 🖤

I'm Katie, Clare's sister, and i take care of managing the customer service and administrative side of the business. I can't say i had really used essential oils that much, apart from a few drops of Lavender on my pillow every now and then to help me sleep, but since working with Clare, my passion and love for aromatherapy and holistic therapies has reached a whole new level! I love working with my sister, we have so much fun, but most of all i love being a tester for the new products she is developing. I am currently trialing the new anti ageing skin care range and my skin is feeling pretty amazing right now!! 🖤