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My wife and I both suffer with arthritis in our shoulders. I can confirm that the relief that this product has given to me and my wife has been unbelievable. Its works in a  very short time and the relief lasts a very long time. It has enabled me to stop taking the maximum dose of codeine that can be prescribed so it is worth it's weight in gold to me and i wouldn't be without it.

Paul C from Rotherham

Relieve Me Aches & Pains Oil   


Bought Mum the aches and pains oil she rubbed it on to her knee which was swollen and in a lot of pain that also woke her in the night. She rubbed some on and within an hour she felt a difference she also cried because she had a good nights sleep for once. She is lost for words. We were talking tonight and the swelling had gone down i said i wish we had took a before and after picture. So thanks to Me England xx

Dawn H from Derbyshire 15/07/2020

Relieve Me Aches & Pains Oil

Loving my Lemon Blossom diffuser, amazing smell. I have it in my kitchen, and I can smell the subltle lemon blossom from my hallway, I have paid a lot more and not got something this good. I also love the ethos of the company, nothing tested on animals and simple minimal packaging that thinks about the environment, perfect! I have a couple of other products which I will review once I have tried them out, but I already have high hopes as they smell amazing 😁

Suzanne G from Derbyshire 

I've only been using this for a few days and the difference is amazing. I've used it on my elbows and hands which are painful with arthritis, brilliant, and my back, what a difference. I have Sciatica and this gives me the most pain relief for the best nights sleep for ages. I can't wait to try my new stuff that came today!

Helen H from Sheffield  - Relieve Me Aches and Pains Oil 

I have used Me England’s aches & pains oil to help with the arthritis pain in my toes. Within 10 minutes of applying the pain had stopped which was fantastic. I cannot recommend this oil highly enough ❤️

Katie G from Sheffield

OMG i could eat this product, it smells delicious it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised all day long, big thumbs up 👍

Vicki P from Kirkby in Ashfield 

Quench Me Lavender & Neroli Moisturiser 

I've been trying the Anti Aging Face Range for the last 5 weeks. which includes - cleanse, tone and moisturiser, all products were easy to apply, felt lovely on the skin and made my skin feel refreshed and firm. I would strongly recommend these 3 amazing products as part of your daily skin care routine. ❤️

Nicola W from Mansfield

Got the lemon blossom wax melts and they are just absolutely amazing, make the whole room smell beauts & last so long 😍 highly recommend! I will deffo be going back for more x

Amy D from Derbyshire

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