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Sleepy Me Room & Pillow Spray

What can I say, fantastic products with a home spa feel at a fraction of the main retailers price!! I have converted a few friends too. The sleepy me pillow and room spray is a must try as-well-as the rollerballs, they are perfect for on the move (and they smell divine!).

Corrine - Sheffield

Aches & Pains Duo

I suffer with Fibromyalgia and a bad back from a car accident . I said I would try both oils normal strength and extra strength,  well I have and I love them. 


 I use normal strength most days but when I have a flare up on certain joints I use the extra strength, this is amazing within minutes the pain has subsided and I can get on with my day. I had my accident in 2009 which left me with damage on the lower back, then a year later I started with Fibromyalgia, which affected my wrists mainly then elbows etc. My back gets me down so much as the pain is like a stabbing sensation that then goes down my bottom cheek down my leg leaving me with like bad toothache in my calf  these days are the worst but your oil just takes that pain away and I feel human again. 

Denise P - Lincolnshire

Calming Soothing Balm

Would 100% recommend your products, my husband has suffered for so long with his exam/ dermatitis and it has really given him relief thank you

Lindsey - Durham

Received my third order today since finding this lovely business. Great products, fabulous service and a lovely owner who I met today. I'll definitely be buying again. Thank you for the fantastic customer service - you don't get that from the big online retailers. Highly recommended anyone trying these products.

Gillian -  Chesterfield

Natural products, smell wonderful, last ages. Reasonable prices. A company you can trust to deliver top quality service.

Wendy - Chesterfield

Roller Ball Trio

Bought these as little presents for my friends and they were delighted!

Christine - Fife

Aches and Pains Oil

This oil has a lovely smell and seems to work. Great customer service.

Frostyj - Etsy Buyer 

Soothing Oil

I've been using this on my winter dry face and hands ( especially with all the washing ) and after shower for my too dry feet & ankles. It's so good. What I wanted to say was, I got two very itchy insect bites yesterday, and nothing I used stopped the itching until I put a dab of this oil on. Instant relief, that's GOT to go in a rollerball for summer, if it isn't already.

H Hadley - Sheffield

Calming Soothing Balm

Would 100% recommend your products, my husband has suffered for so long with his exam/ dermatitis and it has really given him relief thank you

Lindsey - Durham

De Stress Roller Ball

Smells wonderful, much better than the high street equivalents - thank you!

Jo - Etsy Buyer 

Such lovely products and beautifully packaged. Thank you!

Ashleigh - Chesterfiled

Extra Strength Aches and Pains Oil

This has helped with my daughters joint pain. Clare is absolutely lovely to deal with.

Ophelia - Etsy Buyer 

Aches and Pains Oil

Having suffered from arthritis in my shoulders and trying virtually everything in the market place I was recommended to try this oil.
As far as I am concerned this is the best product available. After just one application I felt totally pain free within 30 minutes. If you have any sort of muscular pain or arthritis give it a try.
You will not be disappointed.
It is now part of my daily routine to apply the oil both after a shower and when I go to bed. I can honestly say that I am pain free and enjoying life to the full.

Paul - Rotherham

Calming Soothing Balm

Would 100% recommend your products, my husband has suffered for so long with his exam/ dermatitis and it has really given him relief thank you

Lindsey - Durham

Hand & Foot Balm

After trying lots of products to try and combat my poor dry and cracked feet, I'd given up all hope of ever wearing sandals again...wearing work boots for long shifts had really taken its toll so when my daughter bought me a sample of the hand and foot balm home I wasnt overly excited, I didn't think it was going to work but I couldnt of been more wrong. The results were really has transformed my feet. This product is fantastic and I will be stocking up.

Karyn - Nottingham

Aches & Pains Oil

I have a lot of lower back and hip pain - general older age wear and tear. I have only been using the oil for a couple of weeks so far but have found it helps a lot. I am very impressed. Thank you.

Denise - Etsy Buyer 

Womens Skincare

I've been trying the Anti Aging Face Range for the last 5 weeks. which includes - cleanse, tone and moisturiser, all products were easy to apply, felt lovely on the skin and made my skin feel refreshed and firm. I would strongly recommend these 3 amazing products as part of your daily skin care routine.

Nicola - Mansfield

Sleepy Me Roller Ball 

This is a repeat purchase. I just adore this beautiful aromatherapy blend. The scent calms me down and sends me to sleep. The new bottle, with the metal roller ball, is also great.

Clare - Etsy Buyer 

Relieve Me Roller Ball

I've had really horrific headaches for 3 years and the medication I have to take not only knocks me out on a daily basis, but it also only lasts 20 hours. So, I have had to take painkillers on top. I bought the Relieve Me for headaches roll on, expecting a small difference. Wow- within seconds, my headache went. I genuinely cannot taste this highly enough. Thank you Me England for allowing me relief from pain.

Helen - Derby

Calm Me Roller Ball

Wow, it’s fabulous . Smells amazing and sends me off to sleep. I use it on my wrists at night to help me sleep and it’s done just that. Waking up with hot sweats during menopause is common and this helps keep me calm if I do wake up but on the whole it has helped myself and I bought one for my friend and she loves it too.

Helen - Etsy Buyer

Magnesium Body Butter

Simply amazed! Please don't stop making it ever!

Andrea - Sheffield